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Brighton & Sussex Institute of Orthopaedics Charitable Trust

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The SPRINT Fund is a very important medical charity dedicated to the patients in Brighton, Hove and Mid-Sussex.


You may, as a former patient, have received treatment for a illness or injury of an orthopaedic nature - for instance, a hip or knee operation.  If you have not been a patient, there is more than a slender chance that you will in the future.  You will want the finest care and treatment from highly trained medical staff.


The SPRINT Fund is dedicated to supporting the training and education of our local hospitals' orthopaedic teams so that patients may always receive the best care possible.


Since the NHS provides very little money for the advanced specialist training of orthopaedic and medical support staff, we raise money to meet this important need.


The SPRINT Fund is a charity, established in 1990, to support the training of nurses, physiotherapists, technicians and trainee surgeons working in the Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma in the Brighton, Hove and Mid-Sussex hospitals

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